Club Rules

The only additive we will allow on the carpet is MR33 V4 (Green) No other additive should be brought into the venue.

Currently we run Touring cars & FWD, both classes are expected to fully comply with current class rules to keep racing both close & fair for all. If you choose to run outside these rules we may ask you to change or a seperate heat will be created and all put in together.

Ride Height:
Minimum ride height of 5mm, nothing lower, please ensure nothing is protruding from your chassis that would be lower.

Touring Cars:
Should be run in blinky mode currently we have space to support 17.5t however by prior arrangement we will allow other compliant classes.
Tires should be the indoor Rush tire.

As of 1st September will will request that all FWD cars are running to the RugRacers limit of 17500 RPM & a Maximum FDR of 4.5.
Tires should be the current Ride tire on 6 spoke wheel.

Charging Rates:
Batteries must always be charged within a lipo sack and only in line with manufacturers guidelines, They may only be charged to a maximum end voltage of 8.40v

Race with Respect
We expect all racers to conduct themselves within the framework layed out by the BRCA, we have young & old drivers alike.